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Martin Miguel De Guemes International Airport (SLA) Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
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If you've been waiting for several years to return to Salta (City), this beautiful place of 512686 inhabitants, now is the time to design a plan for this trip and so take your time from the minute 0, just get off the plane, to enjoy as much as possible of your vacation.


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Martin Miguel De Guemes International Airport (SLA) Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
Centro Cívico Grand Bourg Heliport Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
General Belgrano Airport Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
Finca Las Costas Heliport Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
Hospital De Milagro Heliport Salta ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 

List of Airports next to Salta

 Scaro Airport(Located 44.43 Km)
Scaro Airport Palpalá ,Other Cities in Jujuy ,Jujuy ,Argentina 
Gobernador Horacio Guzman International Airport (JUJ) La Mendieta ,Other Cities in Jujuy ,Jujuy ,Argentina 
 Puerta De Avalos Airport(Located 54.93 Km)
Puerta De Avalos Airport Palpalá ,Other Cities in Jujuy ,Jujuy ,Argentina 
 Jujuy Aeroclub Airport(Located 62.69 Km)
Jujuy Aeroclub Airport San Salvador de Jujuy ,Other Cities in Jujuy ,Jujuy ,Argentina 
 Cachi Airport(Located 83.01 Km)
Cachi Airport Cachí ,Cachi ,Salta ,Argentina 
 Metán Airport(Located 92.49 Km)
Metán Airport El Galpón ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
 Rosario De La Frontera Airport(Located 124.00 Km)
Rosario De La Frontera Airport Trancas ,Tucumán ,Tucumán ,Argentina 
 Calilegua Airport(Located 130.08 Km)
Calilegua Airport Calilegua ,Other Cities in Jujuy ,Jujuy ,Argentina 
 Agropecuaria Rio Juramento Airport(Located 140.96 Km)
Agropecuaria Rio Juramento Airport El Quebrachal ,Other Cities in Salta ,Salta ,Argentina 
 Cafayate Airport(Located 150.56 Km)
Cafayate Airport Cafayate ,Departamento de Cafayate ,Salta ,Argentina