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List of Airports next to Newcastle

 Newcastle Westpac Base Heliport(Located 4.40 Km)
Newcastle Westpac Base Heliport Lambton ,Newcastle ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Newcastle Airport (NTL)(Located 15.62 Km)
Newcastle Airport (NTL) Williamtown ,Port Stephens Shire ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Aeropelican Airport (BEO)(Located 19.58 Km)
Aeropelican Airport (BEO) Pelican Flat ,Lake Macquarie Shire ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 West Maitland Airport(Located 29.79 Km)
West Maitland Airport Gillieston Heights ,Other Cities in New South Wales ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Cooranbong Airport(Located 32.81 Km)
Cooranbong Airport Avondale ,Other Cities in New South Wales ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Maitland Airport (MTL)(Located 36.64 Km)
Maitland Airport (MTL) Windella Downs ,Other Cities in New South Wales ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Cessnock Airport (CES)(Located 43.40 Km)
Cessnock Airport (CES) Lovedale ,Cessnock ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Warnervale Airport(Located 47.43 Km)
Warnervale Airport Jilliby ,Wyong Shire ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Elderslie Airport(Located 54.62 Km)
Elderslie Airport Branxton ,Cessnock ,New South Wales ,Australia 
 Dochra Airfield(Located 61.35 Km)
Dochra Airfield Whittingham ,Singleton ,New South Wales ,Australia