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Fortaleza Airports (City) recommended:
Condomínio Edifício Mansão Macedo Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
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Top rated Fortaleza Airports (City)

Condomínio Edifício Mansão Macedo Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Fiec Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Marina Park Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Vega Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Pinto Martins International Airport (FOR) Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Miguel Dias Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 
Gorduras e Margarinas Especiais - GME Heliport Fortaleza ,Fortaleza ,Ceará ,Brazil 

List of Airports next to Fortaleza

 Feijó Airport(Located 13.11 Km)
Feijó Airport Maracanaú ,Maracanaú ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Ypioca Heliport(Located 13.81 Km)
Ypioca Heliport Eusébio ,Eusébio ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Naturágua Heliport(Located 14.88 Km)
Naturágua Heliport Eusébio ,Eusébio ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Dragão do Ar Heliport(Located 15.33 Km)
Dragão do Ar Heliport Eusébio ,Eusébio ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Fábrica Fortaleza Heliport(Located 21.11 Km)
Fábrica Fortaleza Heliport Eusébio ,Eusébio ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Kioma Heliport(Located 21.52 Km)
Kioma Heliport Eusébio ,Eusébio ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Cumbuco Heliport(Located 23.41 Km)
Cumbuco Heliport Cambebba ,Caucaia ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Fábrica Fortaleza Airport(Located 23.79 Km)
Fábrica Fortaleza Airport Itaitinga ,Itaitinga ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Wobben Windpower Heliport(Located 36.27 Km)
Wobben Windpower Heliport Cambebba ,Caucaia ,Ceará ,Brazil 
 Caponga Heliport(Located 50.28 Km)
Caponga Heliport Cascavel ,Cascavel (Ceará) ,Ceará ,Brazil