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Sliven Airports (City) recommended:
Sliven Airfield Sliven ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
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Sliven (City) It has 96368 inhabitants and may be the ideal place to take a good and well deserved vacation. After you know where the airport is where you'll land, we recommend that you look for a good guide on the internet about what are its attractions and that you take advantage of every minute of your stay.


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Sliven Airfield Sliven ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 

List of Airports next to Sliven

 Yambol Airport(Located 23.45 Km)
Yambol Airport Yambol ,Obshtina Yambol ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Stara Zagora Airport (SZR)(Located 24.41 Km)
Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Tvŭrditsa ,Obshtina Tvŭrditsa ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Bezmer Air Base (JAM)(Located 25.71 Km)
Bezmer Air Base (JAM) Kermen ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Zimnitsa Airport(Located 26.62 Km)
Zimnitsa Airport Straldzha ,Obshtina Straldzha ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Irechekovo Airport(Located 40.80 Km)
Irechekovo Airport Straldzha ,Obshtina Straldzha ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Tenevo Airport(Located 42.68 Km)
Tenevo Airport Yambol ,Obshtina Yambol ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Voynika Airport(Located 54.24 Km)
Voynika Airport Bolyarovo ,Obshtina Bolyarovo ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Topolovgrad Airport(Located 63.67 Km)
Topolovgrad Airport Topolovgrad ,Obshtina Topolovgrad ,Khaskovo ,Bulgaria 
 Stara Zagora Airport (SZR)(Located 64.96 Km)
Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Stara Zagora ,Obshtina Stara Zagora ,Stara Zagora ,Bulgaria 
 Troyanovo Airport(Located 68.17 Km)
Troyanovo Airport Kameno ,Obshtina Kameno ,Burgas ,Bulgaria