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Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Stara Zagora ,Obshtina Stara Zagora ,Stara Zagora ,Bulgaria 
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Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Stara Zagora ,Obshtina Stara Zagora ,Stara Zagora ,Bulgaria 

List of Airports next to Stara zagora

 Kalvacha Airport(Located 24.54 Km)
Kalvacha Airport Kazanlak ,Obshtina Kazanlŭk ,Stara Zagora ,Bulgaria 
 Stara Zagora Airport (SZR)(Located 45.73 Km)
Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Tvŭrditsa ,Obshtina Tvŭrditsa ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Uzundzhovo Air Base(Located 50.86 Km)
Uzundzhovo Air Base Khaskovo ,Obshtina Khaskovo ,Khaskovo ,Bulgaria 
 Bezmer Air Base (JAM)(Located 58.25 Km)
Bezmer Air Base (JAM) Kermen ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Haskovo Airport (HKV)(Located 62.37 Km)
Haskovo Airport (HKV) Khaskovo ,Obshtina Khaskovo ,Khaskovo ,Bulgaria 
 Konush Airport(Located 62.79 Km)
Konush Airport Sadovo ,Obshtina Sadovo ,Plovdiv ,Bulgaria 
 Sliven Airfield(Located 63.31 Km)
Sliven Airfield Sliven ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Cheshnegirovo Air Base(Located 64.00 Km)
Cheshnegirovo Air Base Sadovo ,Obshtina Sadovo ,Plovdiv ,Bulgaria 
 Stryama Airport(Located 65.54 Km)
Stryama Airport Rakovski ,Obshtina Rakovski ,Plovdiv ,Bulgaria 
 Stryama Airport(Located 67.94 Km)
Stryama Airport Karlovo ,Obshtina Karlovo ,Plovdiv ,Bulgaria