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Yambol Airports (City) recommended:
Tenevo Airport Yambol ,Obshtina Yambol ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
Yambol Airports (City) If you've been waiting for several years to return to Yambol (City), this beautiful place of 80116 inhabitants, now is the time to design a plan for this trip and so take your time from the minute 0, just get off the plane, to enjoy as much as possible of your vacation.

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Tenevo Airport Yambol ,Obshtina Yambol ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
Yambol Airport Yambol ,Obshtina Yambol ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 

List of Airports next to Yambol

 Bezmer Air Base (JAM)(Located 12.51 Km)
Bezmer Air Base (JAM) Kermen ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Zimnitsa Airport(Located 17.00 Km)
Zimnitsa Airport Straldzha ,Obshtina Straldzha ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Irechekovo Airport(Located 19.16 Km)
Irechekovo Airport Straldzha ,Obshtina Straldzha ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Sliven Airfield(Located 21.44 Km)
Sliven Airfield Sliven ,Obshtina Sliven ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Voynika Airport(Located 30.50 Km)
Voynika Airport Bolyarovo ,Obshtina Bolyarovo ,Yambol ,Bulgaria 
 Topolovgrad Airport(Located 42.13 Km)
Topolovgrad Airport Topolovgrad ,Obshtina Topolovgrad ,Khaskovo ,Bulgaria 
 Stara Zagora Airport (SZR)(Located 46.58 Km)
Stara Zagora Airport (SZR) Tvŭrditsa ,Obshtina Tvŭrditsa ,Sliven ,Bulgaria 
 Zagortsi Airport(Located 47.56 Km)
Zagortsi Airport Sredets ,Obshtina Sredets ,Burgas ,Bulgaria 
 Troyanovo Airport(Located 53.89 Km)
Troyanovo Airport Kameno ,Obshtina Kameno ,Burgas ,Bulgaria 
 Livada Airport(Located 57.20 Km)
Livada Airport Sredets ,Obshtina Sredets ,Burgas ,Bulgaria