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Kratie Airport (KTI) Kratié ,Krâchéh ,Krâchéh ,Cambodia 
Cambodia Airports If you like to travel, and your next trip to Cambodia already has a date, but you don't know where exactly the most suitable airport is to land, we show you a list of the Cambodia Airports most relevant according to your final destination.

If you already know Cambodia, this place of 14453680 inhabitants, you've already felt the good energy of its people, and this has made you want to return there, remember that after getting all the information on how to get there from the airport , the most important thing to do is plan your time to spend it on everything you love to do when you travel to a new place.

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Cambodia Airports by major city

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is an exciting city located in Krŏng Phnum Pénh, Cambodia. Look where your airport is located and plan how best to get from there to your hotel. And then you must organize your trip to the smallest detail, to take advantage of the time and don't miss any of the must-sees of this city.
Sihanoukville, an incredible city located in Khétt Preăh Seihânŭ, Cambodia, offers leisure options for the most varied tastes. If your bags are ready to take off and just get off the plane there, we recommend that you draw a leisure plan to enjoy every second in this wonderful place.
Are you organizing a trip to Battambang, this beautiful city that is located in Khétt Bătdâmbâng, Cambodia? If so, look here for the details of the airport where you're going to land. And then, the only thing we recommend, and most importantly, is that you do your best to enjoy your stay to the fullest.
Siem Reap
Siem Reap is an exciting city located in Khétt Siĕm Réab, Cambodia. Here you'll find all the details of your airport. If you've never visited and don't know anything about it, why don't you ask advice from those who understand the most about these matters? Ask for help in forums of travelers like you, because no tourist magazine will ever tell you things like experienced people.
Paôy Pêt
We show here all the information of each airport of Paôy Pêt, this incredible city located in Khétt Bântéay Méan Choăy, Cambodia. Once you know how to get to the place where you'll be staying, make a plan to enjoy every minute you spend there.
Kâmpóng Chhnăng
Kâmpóng Chhnăng, this city belonging to Kâmpóng Chhnăng, in Cambodia, is the ideal place to make a getaway at any time of the year. Check here all the details of your airport, call if you've any doubts, and embark on this trip!.

Cambodia Airports by state

Krŏng Phnum Pénh
Do you want to know the exact location of this accommodation in Krŏng Phnum Pénh? Here we show you a list of all airports in this region. So you can choose where to pose according to the price. Then, to reach the center of Cambodia if this is your final destination, you can take a bus, train or subway.
Traveling to Cambodia can be a very enriching, especially if you pay cheaply for your plane ticket. So, here you can see airports in the area of Takêv and compare prices by changing the destination on your flight search engine.
Khétt Siĕm Réab
In Khétt Siĕm Réab you'll find several airports that can serve as a point of arrival at Cambodia. Find out what they are, where they are and ensure the minimum price for your trip, changing the destination in your browser. So you'll see which option comes out the most.
Khétt Kâmpóng Spœ
If you are in a hurry to get to Cambodia, the best thing you can do is investigate where your airport is. Here you've a list with all the airports of Khétt Kâmpóng Spœ. Look for yours to access all the information regarding your location, contact phones, etc..
Kâmpóng Chhnăng
Sometimes it's much more worthwhile to travel by posing at an airport that's not so close to this city. Many times the train or bus tickets are much cheaper from another airport in Kâmpóng Chhnăng than exactly at the nearest airport to the city. This is a great trick to save money on a trip. See here all airports in Cambodia or near.
If you are one of those who likes to travel paying the minimum on your plane ticket, compare the different prices that are available to travel to Cambodia only by changing the destination where you'll land. See here all airports in Poŭthĭsăt.

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Top rated Cambodia Airports

Kratie Airport (KTI) Kratié ,Krâchéh ,Krâchéh ,Cambodia 
Ratanakiri Airport (RBE) Ban Lŭng ,Khêtt Rôtânôkiri ,Khêtt Rôtânôkiri ,Cambodia 
Battambang Airport (BBM) Battambang ,Khétt Bătdâmbâng ,Khétt Bătdâmbâng ,Cambodia 
Kampong Chhnang Airport (KZC) Kâmpóng Chhnăng ,Kâmpóng Chhnăng ,Kâmpóng Chhnăng ,Cambodia 
Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) Phnom Penh ,Krŏng Phnum Pénh ,Krŏng Phnum Pénh ,Cambodia 
Angkor International Airport (REP) Siem Reap ,Khétt Siĕm Réab ,Khétt Siĕm Réab ,Cambodia 
Stung Treng Airport (TNX) Stung Treng ,Stœ̆ng Trêng ,Stœ̆ng Trêng ,Cambodia 
Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS) Sihanoukville ,Khétt Preăh Seihânŭ ,Khétt Preăh Seihânŭ ,Cambodia 
Kompong Cham Airport Kâmpóng Cham ,Kâmpóng Cham ,Kâmpóng Cham ,Cambodia 
Kaoh Kong Airport (KKZ) Koh Kong ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Kaôh Kŏng ,Cambodia