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List of Airports next to Hamdorf

 Rendsburg-Schachtholm Airport(Located 4.54 Km)
Rendsburg-Schachtholm Airport Jevenstedter Feld ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Hohn Airport(Located 8.76 Km)
Hohn Airport Lohe-Föhrden ,Rendsburg-Eckernförde District ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Schleswig-Kropp Airport(Located 21.32 Km)
Schleswig-Kropp Airport Boklund ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Schleswig Airport (WBG)(Located 25.12 Km)
Schleswig Airport (WBG) Mielberg ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Itzehoe/Hungriger Wolf Airport(Located 26.69 Km)
Itzehoe/Hungriger Wolf Airport Hungriger Wolf ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Neumünster Airport (EUM)(Located 31.56 Km)
Neumünster Airport (EUM) Neumünster ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 St. Michaelisdonn Airport(Located 38.00 Km)
St. Michaelisdonn Airport Hopen ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Husum-Schwesing Airport(Located 39.96 Km)
Husum-Schwesing Airport Schwesing ,Nordfriesland District ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Heide-Büsum Airport (HEI)(Located 41.99 Km)
Heide-Büsum Airport (HEI) Oesterdeichstrich ,Dithmarschen District ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Kiel-Holtenau Airport (KEL)(Located 42.84 Km)
Kiel-Holtenau Airport (KEL) Schusterkrug ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany