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List of Airports next to Hamm

 Trier-Föhren Airport(Located 27.69 Km)
Trier-Föhren Airport Bekond ,Trier-Saarburg Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Bitburg Airport (BBJ)(Located 31.32 Km)
Bitburg Airport (BBJ) Scharfbillig ,Bitburg-Prüm Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Neumagen-Dhron Airport(Located 32.52 Km)
Neumagen-Dhron Airport Neumagen-Dhron ,Bernkastel-Wittlich Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Spangdahlem Air Base (SPM)(Located 35.68 Km)
Spangdahlem Air Base (SPM) Spangdahlem ,Bitburg-Prüm Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Saarlouis-Düren Airport(Located 39.85 Km)
Saarlouis-Düren Airport Düren ,Other Cities in Saarland ,Saarland ,Germany 
 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Airport(Located 45.57 Km)
Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Airport Bleiderdingen ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
Bernkastel-Kues Cusanus Hospital Helipad Bernkastel-Kues ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Traben-Trarbach/Mont Royal Airport(Located 52.13 Km)
Traben-Trarbach/Mont Royal Airport Rißbach ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Baumholder Army Air Field(Located 53.35 Km)
Baumholder Army Air Field Reichenbach ,Birkenfeld Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied Airport(Located 56.39 Km)
Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied Airport Hintertiefenbach ,Birkenfeld Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany