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List of Airports next to Hammel

 Augsburg Airport (AGB)(Located 9.38 Km)
Augsburg Airport (AGB) Dickelsmoor ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Lechfeld Airport(Located 24.76 Km)
Lechfeld Airport Lager Lechfeld ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schwabmünchen Airport(Located 26.32 Km)
Schwabmünchen Airport Schwabegg ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Thannhausen Airport(Located 29.90 Km)
Thannhausen Airport Oberrohr ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Donauwörth-Genderkingen Airport(Located 33.15 Km)
Donauwörth-Genderkingen Airport Neffsend ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Jesenwang Airport(Located 34.78 Km)
Jesenwang Airport Jesenwang ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Gundelfingen Airport(Located 37.72 Km)
Gundelfingen Airport Gundelfingen ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Landsberg Lech Airport(Located 37.90 Km)
Landsberg Lech Airport Untermühlhausen ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Mindelheim-Mattsies Airport(Located 39.21 Km)
Mindelheim-Mattsies Airport Zaisertshofen ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Günzburg-Donauried Airport(Located 39.67 Km)
Günzburg-Donauried Airport Reisensburg ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany