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List of Airports next to Hammerbach

 Bad Endorf Joll Airport(Located 18.33 Km)
Bad Endorf Joll Airport Jolling ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vogtareuth Airport(Located 21.87 Km)
Vogtareuth Airport Rachelsberg ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Traunstein Hospital Helipad(Located 26.88 Km)
Traunstein Hospital Helipad Empfing ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Trostberg Hospital Helipad(Located 34.26 Km)
Trostberg Hospital Helipad Schedling ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schönberg Airport(Located 34.65 Km)
Schönberg Airport Heretsham ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Bad Reichenhall Hospital Helipad(Located 42.06 Km)
Bad Reichenhall Hospital Helipad Bad Reichenhall ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
Schwarzenbergkaserne Military Heliport Hagenau ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Freilassing Hospital Helipad(Located 50.75 Km)
Freilassing Hospital Helipad Salzburghofen ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Berchtesgaden Hospital Helipad(Located 53.65 Km)
Berchtesgaden Hospital Helipad Anzenbach ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Ampfing-Waldkraiburg Airport(Located 56.13 Km)
Ampfing-Waldkraiburg Airport Ampfing ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany