Hammerbach airports Middle franconia > Bavaria > Germany

Hammerbach Airports In Hammerbach, this place of 0, you can do many things, from visiting its places of interest, eating at the most valued restaurants, visiting its best known museums and hanging out in its beautiful green parks. Get off the plane and breathe the new airs that welcome you.

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List of Airports next to Hammerbach

 Herzogenaurach Airport(Located 2.08 Km)
Herzogenaurach Airport Welkenbach ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Erlangen Ebrardstrasse Helipad(Located 12.21 Km)
Erlangen Ebrardstrasse Helipad Sieglitzhof ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Nuremberg Airport (NUE)(Located 18.56 Km)
Nuremberg Airport (NUE) Kraftshof ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Neustadt/Aisch Airport(Located 19.87 Km)
Neustadt/Aisch Airport Riedfeld ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Hetzleser Berg Airport(Located 22.89 Km)
Hetzleser Berg Airport Gleisenhof ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Ansbach-Petersdorf Airport (QOB)(Located 28.91 Km)
Ansbach-Petersdorf Airport (QOB) Kleinhabersdorf ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Burg Feuerstein Airport(Located 30.12 Km)
Burg Feuerstein Airport Eschlipp ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Lauf-Lillinghof Airport(Located 31.01 Km)
Lauf-Lillinghof Airport Lillinghof ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Ansbach Army Heliport(Located 35.16 Km)
Ansbach Army Heliport Katterbach ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Illesheim Air Base(Located 36.03 Km)
Illesheim Air Base Urfersheim ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany