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Hammerberg Airports In Hammerberg you can live the vacation of your dreams. With its 0 inhabitants and lots of life and energy, you'll be surprised how quickly your vacation will end, because time will fly by. Check the airport where you'll disembark, and how much is the exact place in which you'll stay and enjoy.

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List of Airports next to Hammerberg

 Hohenfels Hospital Army Helipad(Located 9.77 Km)
Hohenfels Hospital Army Helipad Nainhof ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Hohenfels Army Air Field(Located 10.20 Km)
Hohenfels Army Air Field Pöllnricht ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Regensburg-Oberhub Airport(Located 19.65 Km)
Regensburg-Oberhub Airport Ferneichlberg ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schwandorf Airport(Located 19.68 Km)
Schwandorf Airport Rauberweiherhaus ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schmidgaden Airport(Located 19.97 Km)
Schmidgaden Airport Freiung ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Nittenau-Bruck Airport(Located 27.67 Km)
Nittenau-Bruck Airport Sulzmühl ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Neumarkt/Obf. Airport(Located 35.14 Km)
Neumarkt/Obf. Airport Woffenbach ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Berching Airport(Located 39.28 Km)
Berching Airport Rappersdorf ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vilseck Army Air Field(Located 40.14 Km)
Vilseck Army Air Field Heringnohe ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vilseck Main Army Heliport(Located 41.14 Km)
Vilseck Main Army Heliport Langenbruck ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany