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Hammersbach It has 4772 inhabitants and may be the ideal place to take a good and well deserved vacation. After you know where the airport is where you'll land, we recommend that you look for a good guide on the internet about what are its attractions and that you take advantage of every minute of your stay.

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List of Airports next to Hammersbach

 Hanau Army Air Field (ZNF)(Located 5.49 Km)
Hanau Army Air Field (ZNF) Markwaldsiedlung ,Other Cities in Hesse ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Gelnhausen Airport(Located 13.44 Km)
Gelnhausen Airport Gelnhausen ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Reichelsheim Airport(Located 15.20 Km)
Reichelsheim Airport Oberflorstadt ,Other Cities in Hesse ,Hesse ,Germany 
Frankfurt am Main Accident Hospital Roof Helipad Frankfurt am Main ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
Frankfurt am Main Accident Hospital Ground Helipad Frankfurt am Main ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Ober-Mörlen Airport(Located 25.16 Km)
Ober-Mörlen Airport Ober-Mörlen ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Babenhausen Airport(Located 29.36 Km)
Babenhausen Airport Babenhausen ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Aschaffenburg Airport(Located 31.38 Km)
Aschaffenburg Airport Ringheim ,Lower Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Anspach/Taunus Airport(Located 32.89 Km)
Anspach/Taunus Airport Obernhain ,Darmstadt District ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Industriepark Hoechst Helipad(Located 34.69 Km)
Industriepark Hoechst Helipad Kelsterbach ,Other Cities in Hesse ,Hesse ,Germany