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List of Airports next to Hammersfeld

 Pennewitz Airport(Located 8.71 Km)
Pennewitz Airport Pennewitz ,Ilm-Kreis ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Arnstadt-Alkersleben Airport(Located 10.47 Km)
Arnstadt-Alkersleben Airport Bösleben-Wüllersleben ,Ilm-Kreis ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Rudolstadt-Groschwitz Airport(Located 12.93 Km)
Rudolstadt-Groschwitz Airport Groschwitz ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Bad Berka Airport(Located 22.64 Km)
Bad Berka Airport Bad Berka ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Suhl-Goldlauter Airport(Located 26.31 Km)
Suhl-Goldlauter Airport Heidersbach ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Erfurt Airport (ERF)(Located 26.61 Km)
Erfurt Airport (ERF) Peterborn ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Gotha-Ost Airport(Located 33.62 Km)
Gotha-Ost Airport Kindleben ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Weimar-Umpferstedt Airport(Located 34.21 Km)
Weimar-Umpferstedt Airport Taubach ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Eisenach-Kindel Airport(Located 48.95 Km)
Eisenach-Kindel Airport Wolfsbehringen ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Jena-Schöngleina Airport(Located 49.94 Km)
Jena-Schöngleina Airport Schöngleina ,Saale-Holzland-Kreis ,Thuringia ,Germany