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In Hammerstadt, this place of 0, you can do many things, from visiting its places of interest, eating at the most valued restaurants, visiting its best known museums and hanging out in its beautiful green parks. Get off the plane and breathe the new airs that welcome you.

List of Airports next to Hammerstadt

 Rothenburg/Görlitz Airport(Located 14.24 Km)
Rothenburg/Görlitz Airport Bremenhain ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Klix Airport(Located 21.74 Km)
Klix Airport Särchen ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Bautzen Airport(Located 27.63 Km)
Bautzen Airport Litten ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Görlitz Airport(Located 29.73 Km)
Görlitz Airport Girbigsdorf ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Nardt Airport(Located 38.70 Km)
Nardt Airport Nardt ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Neuhausen Airport(Located 39.27 Km)
Neuhausen Airport Neuhausen ,Other cities in Brandenburg ,Brandenburg ,Germany 
 Kamenz Airport(Located 44.64 Km)
Kamenz Airport Zschornau ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Spremberg-Welzow Airport(Located 46.93 Km)
Spremberg-Welzow Airport Lindenfeld ,Other cities in Brandenburg ,Brandenburg ,Germany 
 Welzow-Sedlitzer See Airport(Located 48.18 Km)
Welzow-Sedlitzer See Airport Sorno ,Other cities in Brandenburg ,Brandenburg ,Germany 
 Cottbus (Cottbus Army) Airport(Located 52.06 Km)
Cottbus (Cottbus Army) Airport Zahsow ,Other cities in Brandenburg ,Brandenburg ,Germany