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List of Airports next to Hammerunterwiesenthal

 Großrückerswalde Airport(Located 23.04 Km)
Großrückerswalde Airport Wolfsberg ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Chemnitz/Jahnsdorf Airport(Located 35.34 Km)
Chemnitz/Jahnsdorf Airport Pfaffenhain ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Auerbach Airport(Located 45.26 Km)
Auerbach Airport Richardshöhe ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Zwickau Airport(Located 48.39 Km)
Zwickau Airport Lichtentanne ,Chemnitz Region ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Langhennersdorf Airport(Located 58.08 Km)
Langhennersdorf Airport Langhennersdorf ,Other cities in Saxony ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Greiz-Obergrochlitz Airport(Located 62.91 Km)
Greiz-Obergrochlitz Airport Obergrochlitz ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Altenburg-Nobitz Airport (AOC)(Located 69.05 Km)
Altenburg-Nobitz Airport (AOC) Niederleupten ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
 Gera-Leumnitz Airport(Located 78.23 Km)
Gera-Leumnitz Airport Naulitz ,Other cities in Thuringia ,Thuringia ,Germany 
Dresden Friedrichstadt Hospital Helipad Dresden ,Dresden Region ,Saxony ,Germany 
 Hof-Plauen Airport (HOQ)(Located 83.88 Km)
Hof-Plauen Airport (HOQ) Pirk ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany