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List of Airports next to Hammoor

 Hamburg Airport (HAM)(Located 23.83 Km)
Hamburg Airport (HAM) Ohe ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Lübeck Blankensee Airport (LBC)(Located 27.99 Km)
Lübeck Blankensee Airport (LBC) Blankensee ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Wahlstedt Airport(Located 29.14 Km)
Wahlstedt Airport Wahlstedt ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Hartenholm Airport(Located 29.19 Km)
Hartenholm Airport Fuhlenrüe ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport (XFW)(Located 37.67 Km)
Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport (XFW) Mühlenberg ,Other Cities in Hamburg City ,Hamburg City ,Germany 
 Ahrenlohe Airport(Located 38.25 Km)
Ahrenlohe Airport Ahrenlohe ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Uetersen/Heist Airport(Located 41.32 Km)
Uetersen/Heist Airport Appen ,Pinneberg District ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Neumünster Airport (EUM)(Located 47.63 Km)
Neumünster Airport (EUM) Neumünster ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Sierksdorf/Hof Altona Airport(Located 48.01 Km)
Sierksdorf/Hof Altona Airport Stawedder ,Other Cities in Schleswig-Holstein ,Schleswig-Holstein ,Germany 
 Lüneburg Airport(Located 52.44 Km)
Lüneburg Airport Hagen ,Other Cities in Lower Saxony ,Lower Saxony ,Germany