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List of Airports next to Hampersdorf

 Erding Airport(Located 17.10 Km)
Erding Airport Oberstrogn ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Ampfing-Waldkraiburg Airport(Located 17.79 Km)
Ampfing-Waldkraiburg Airport Ampfing ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vilsbiburg Airport(Located 20.26 Km)
Vilsbiburg Airport Gaindorf ,Lower Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Mühldorf Airport(Located 24.21 Km)
Mühldorf Airport Lochheim ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Landshut Airport(Located 27.29 Km)
Landshut Airport Gündlkoferau ,Lower Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Munich International Airport (MUC)(Located 29.60 Km)
Munich International Airport (MUC) Franzheim ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schönberg Airport(Located 35.74 Km)
Schönberg Airport Heretsham ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vogtareuth Airport(Located 37.60 Km)
Vogtareuth Airport Rachelsberg ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Munich-Reim Airport (MUC)(Located 39.24 Km)
Munich-Reim Airport (MUC) Dornach ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Trostberg Hospital Helipad(Located 39.42 Km)
Trostberg Hospital Helipad Schedling ,Upper Bavaria ,Bavaria ,Germany