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Do you want the trip of your dreams to Hangard not turn into a nightmare? Look in advance where your airport is between the Hangard Airports you see in the list below, and how you'll connect later to the exact place in which you'll stay.

In Hangard you can live the vacation of your dreams. With its 1970 inhabitants and lots of life and energy, you'll be surprised how quickly your vacation will end, because time will fly by. Check the airport where you'll disembark, and how much is the exact place in which you'll stay and enjoy.

List of Airports next to Hangard

 Saarbrücken Airport (SCN)(Located 20.04 Km)
Saarbrücken Airport (SCN) Ensheim ,Other Cities in Saarland ,Saarland ,Germany 
 Landstuhl Army Heliport(Located 23.65 Km)
Landstuhl Army Heliport Bildschacherhof ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Zweibrücken Airport (ZQW)(Located 23.65 Km)
Zweibrücken Airport (ZQW) Heidelbingerhof ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Pirmasens Airport(Located 24.01 Km)
Pirmasens Airport Stockbornerhof ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Helipad Landstuhl ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Airport(Located 25.37 Km)
Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Airport Bleiderdingen ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Ramstein Air Base (RMS)(Located 28.80 Km)
Ramstein Air Base (RMS) Kindsbach ,Kaiserslautern Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Baumholder Army Air Field(Located 30.42 Km)
Baumholder Army Air Field Reichenbach ,Birkenfeld Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Saarlouis-Düren Airport(Located 39.55 Km)
Saarlouis-Düren Airport Düren ,Other Cities in Saarland ,Saarland ,Germany 
 Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied Airport(Located 39.87 Km)
Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied Airport Hintertiefenbach ,Birkenfeld Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany