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List of Airports next to Hangen-weisheim

 Biblis Nuclear Power Plant Helipad(Located 16.80 Km)
Biblis Nuclear Power Plant Helipad Ibersheim ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Worms Airport (ZQV)(Located 17.55 Km)
Worms Airport (ZQV) Nonnenhof ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Oppenheim Airport(Located 20.11 Km)
Oppenheim Airport Oppenheim ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Coleman Army Air Field(Located 25.89 Km)
Coleman Army Air Field Petersau ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Bad Dürkheim Airport(Located 26.36 Km)
Bad Dürkheim Airport Saline ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Mainz ZDF-Complex Helipad(Located 28.50 Km)
Mainz ZDF-Complex Helipad Klein-Winternheim ,Mainz-Bingen Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Mainz-Finthen Airport (QMZ)(Located 28.68 Km)
Mainz-Finthen Airport (QMZ) Wackernheim ,Mainz-Bingen Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Langenlonsheim Airport(Located 29.57 Km)
Langenlonsheim Airport Langenlonsheim ,Bad Kreuznach Landkreis ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 August-Euler Airport(Located 32.97 Km)
August-Euler Airport Sankt Stephan ,Other Cities in Hesse ,Hesse ,Germany 
 Heppenheim Airport(Located 33.17 Km)
Heppenheim Airport Wilhelm Leuschner Siedlung ,Other Cities in Hesse ,Hesse ,Germany