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List of Airports next to Hanhofen

 Speyer Airport(Located 8.11 Km)
Speyer Airport Berghausen ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Lachen-Speyerdorf Airport(Located 9.62 Km)
Lachen-Speyerdorf Airport Speyerdorf ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Herrenteich Airport(Located 11.09 Km)
Herrenteich Airport Insultheimerhof ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Hockenheim Airport(Located 13.63 Km)
Hockenheim Airport Hockenheim ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Linkenheim Airport(Located 19.82 Km)
Linkenheim Airport Linkenheim-Hochstetten ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Bad Dürkheim Airport(Located 20.26 Km)
Bad Dürkheim Airport Saline ,Other Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate ,Rhineland-Palatinate ,Germany 
 Mannheim-City Airport (MHG)(Located 21.41 Km)
Mannheim-City Airport (MHG) Lindenhof ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Walldorf Airport(Located 23.08 Km)
Walldorf Airport Walldorf ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Heidelberg Army Heliport (QHD)(Located 24.08 Km)
Heidelberg Army Heliport (QHD) Pleikartsforst ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Bruchsal Airport(Located 25.85 Km)
Bruchsal Airport Karlsdorf-Neuthard ,Karlsruhe District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany