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List of Airports next to Hankel

 Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport(Located 20.27 Km)
Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport Mailand ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH)(Located 22.76 Km)
Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH) Allmannsweiler ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Saulgau Airport(Located 33.47 Km)
Saulgau Airport Bernhausen ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Tannheim Airport(Located 35.27 Km)
Tannheim Airport Haldau ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Biberach a.d. Riß Airport(Located 36.40 Km)
Biberach a.d. Riß Airport Birkenhard ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Pfullendorf Airport(Located 40.91 Km)
Pfullendorf Airport Aftholderberg ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Memmingen Allgau Airport (FMM)(Located 41.96 Km)
Memmingen Allgau Airport (FMM) Memmingerberg ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Mengen-Hohentengen Airport(Located 41.98 Km)
Mengen-Hohentengen Airport Beizkofen ,Tubinga District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany 
 Kempten-Durach Airport(Located 43.86 Km)
Kempten-Durach Airport Feuerschwenden ,Swabia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Konstanz Airport(Located 48.34 Km)
Konstanz Airport Wollmatingen ,Friburgo District ,Baden-Württemberg ,Germany