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List of Airports next to Hannesreuth

 Vilseck Army Air Field(Located 5.39 Km)
Vilseck Army Air Field Heringnohe ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Vilseck Main Army Heliport(Located 8.54 Km)
Vilseck Main Army Heliport Langenbruck ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Pegnitz-Zipser Berg Airport(Located 17.57 Km)
Pegnitz-Zipser Berg Airport Neuhof ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Grafenwöhr Medevac Helipad(Located 18.50 Km)
Grafenwöhr Medevac Helipad Grafenwöhr ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Grafenwohr Army Air Field(Located 19.56 Km)
Grafenwohr Army Air Field Hammergmünd ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Rosenthal-Field Plössen Airport(Located 27.42 Km)
Rosenthal-Field Plössen Airport Plössen ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Lauf-Lillinghof Airport(Located 29.56 Km)
Lauf-Lillinghof Airport Lillinghof ,Middle Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Weiden in der Oberpfalz Airport(Located 30.99 Km)
Weiden in der Oberpfalz Airport Latsch ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Schmidgaden Airport(Located 36.28 Km)
Schmidgaden Airport Freiung ,Upper Palatinate ,Bavaria ,Germany 
 Hetzleser Berg Airport(Located 38.28 Km)
Hetzleser Berg Airport Gleisenhof ,Upper Franconia ,Bavaria ,Germany