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Urbe Airport Rome ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 
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Urbe Airport Rome ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 

List of Airports next to Rome

 Ciampino Airport (CIA)(Located 14.01 Km)
Ciampino Airport (CIA) Ciampino ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 
Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport (FCO) Fiumicino ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 
 Guidonia Airport(Located 23.72 Km)
Guidonia Airport Guidonia Montecelio ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 
 Pratica Di Mare Airport(Located 26.87 Km)
Pratica Di Mare Airport Pomezia ,Rome ,Latium ,Italy 
 Latina Airport (QLT)(Located 52.65 Km)
Latina Airport (QLT) Sermoneta ,Provincia di Latina ,Latium ,Italy 
 Rieti Airport (QRT)(Located 66.43 Km)
Rieti Airport (QRT) Rieti ,Provincia di Rieti ,Latium ,Italy 
 Viterbo Airport(Located 68.77 Km)
Viterbo Airport Viterbo ,Provincia di Viterbo ,Latium ,Italy 
 Frosinone Military Airport (QFR)(Located 72.98 Km)
Frosinone Military Airport (QFR) Frosinone ,Provincia di Frosinone ,Latium ,Italy 
 L'Aquila / Preturo Airport(Located 86.72 Km)
L'Aquila / Preturo Airport Scoppito ,Provincia di L'Aquila ,Abruzzo ,Italy 
 Aquino Airport(Located 111.99 Km)
Aquino Airport Aquino ,Provincia di Frosinone ,Latium ,Italy