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List of Airports next to Venice

 Venezia / Lido - San Nicolo Airport(Located 4.92 Km)
Venezia / Lido - San Nicolo Airport Murano ,Venice ,Veneto ,Italy 
Venezia / Tessera - Marco Polo Airport (VCE) Murano ,Venice ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Treviso / Sant'Angelo Airport (TSF)(Located 25.47 Km)
Treviso / Sant'Angelo Airport (TSF) Quinto di Treviso ,Provincia di Treviso ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Istrana Airport(Located 33.27 Km)
Istrana Airport Istrana ,Provincia di Treviso ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Salgareda Carrer Airport(Located 33.47 Km)
Salgareda Carrer Airport Noventa di Piave ,Venice ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Padova Airport (QPA)(Located 37.62 Km)
Padova Airport (QPA) Padua ,Padua ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Cà Negra Airport(Located 41.83 Km)
Cà Negra Airport Loreo ,Provincia di Rovigo ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Vicenza Airport (VIC)(Located 63.82 Km)
Vicenza Airport (VIC) Vicenza ,Provincia di Vicenza ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Aviano Air Base (AVB)(Located 69.12 Km)
Aviano Air Base (AVB) Roveredo in Piano ,Province of Pordenone ,Friuli Venezia Giulia ,Italy 
 Thiene Airport(Located 69.71 Km)
Thiene Airport Villaverla ,Provincia di Vicenza ,Veneto ,Italy