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List of Airports next to Verona

 Verona / Boscomantico Airport(Located 6.88 Km)
Verona / Boscomantico Airport Pescantina ,Provincia di Verona ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Verona / Villafranca Airport (VRN)(Located 9.53 Km)
Verona / Villafranca Airport (VRN) Sommacampagna ,Provincia di Verona ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Mantova Airport(Located 36.74 Km)
Mantova Airport Virgilio ,Province of Mantua ,Lombardy ,Italy 
 Legnago Airport(Located 40.57 Km)
Legnago Airport Villa Bartolomea ,Provincia di Verona ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Vicenza Airport (VIC)(Located 44.17 Km)
Vicenza Airport (VIC) Vicenza ,Provincia di Vicenza ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Thiene Airport(Located 47.15 Km)
Thiene Airport Villaverla ,Provincia di Vicenza ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Brescia / Montichiari Airport (VBS)(Located 52.00 Km)
Brescia / Montichiari Airport (VBS) Montichiari ,Provincia di Brescia ,Lombardy ,Italy 
 Ghedi Airport(Located 56.89 Km)
Ghedi Airport Montirone ,Provincia di Brescia ,Lombardy ,Italy 
 Asiago Airport(Located 64.42 Km)
Asiago Airport Asiago ,Provincia di Vicenza ,Veneto ,Italy 
 Trento / Mattarello Airport (ZIA)(Located 65.94 Km)
Trento / Mattarello Airport (ZIA) Garniga Terme ,Trento ,Trentino-Alto Adige ,Italy