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Hiroshimanishi Airport (HIW) Hiroshima ,Other Cities in Hiroshima ,Hiroshima ,Japan 
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Hiroshimanishi Airport (HIW) Hiroshima ,Other Cities in Hiroshima ,Hiroshima ,Japan 

List of Airports next to Hiroshima

 Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station(Located 34.72 Km)
Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni ,Other Cities in Yamaguchi ,Yamaguchi ,Japan 
 Hiroshima Airport (HIJ)(Located 42.33 Km)
Hiroshima Airport (HIJ) Takehara ,Other Cities in Hiroshima ,Hiroshima ,Japan 
 Matsuyama Airport (MYJ)(Located 66.95 Km)
Matsuyama Airport (MYJ) Masaki ,Other Cities in Ehime ,Ehime ,Japan 
 Iwami Airport (IWJ)(Located 68.68 Km)
Iwami Airport (IWJ) Masuda ,Shimane ,Shimane ,Japan 
 Hofu Airport(Located 92.74 Km)
Hofu Airport Hōfu ,Other Cities in Yamaguchi ,Yamaguchi ,Japan 
 Izumo Airport (IZO)(Located 119.58 Km)
Izumo Airport (IZO) Hirata ,Shimane ,Shimane ,Japan 
 Yamaguchi Ube Airport (UBJ)(Located 120.18 Km)
Yamaguchi Ube Airport (UBJ) Ube ,Other Cities in Yamaguchi ,Yamaguchi ,Japan 
 Oita Airport (OIT)(Located 121.64 Km)
Oita Airport (OIT) Kunisaki-shi ,Other Cities in Ōita ,Ōita ,Japan 
 Okayama Airport (OKJ)(Located 133.74 Km)
Okayama Airport (OKJ) Okayama ,Okayama ,Okayama ,Japan 
 Ozuki Airport(Located 134.98 Km)
Ozuki Airport Onoda ,Other Cities in Yamaguchi ,Yamaguchi ,Japan