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Tokyo International Airport (HND) Kawasaki ,Kawasaki-shi ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
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Traveling is a pleasure, but traveling to Kawasaki can be unforgettable. With its 1306785 inhabitants, this place can be the ideal destination for a great vacation. After obtaining all the necessary information about the airport where you'll land, don't forget to design a perfect plan to take advantage of the time of your stay.

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Top rated Kawasaki Airports

Tokyo International Airport (HND) Kawasaki ,Kawasaki-shi ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
RJTT Kawasaki ,Kawasaki-shi ,Kanagawa ,Japan 

List of Airports next to Kawasaki

 Minato-Mirai Heliport(Located 9.61 Km)
Minato-Mirai Heliport Yokohama ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
 Akasaka Press Center Heliport(Located 15.87 Km)
Akasaka Press Center Heliport Tokyo ,Other Cities in Tokyo ,Tokyo ,Japan 
 Tokyo Heliport(Located 18.59 Km)
Tokyo Heliport Urayasu ,Other Cities in Tokyo ,Tokyo ,Japan 
 Yokohama Heliport(Located 20.55 Km)
Yokohama Heliport Yokosuka ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
 Kisarazu Airport(Located 22.10 Km)
Kisarazu Airport Kisarazu ,Other Cities in Chiba ,Chiba ,Japan 
 Chofu Airport(Located 23.95 Km)
Chofu Airport Kami-renjaku ,Other Cities in Tokyo ,Tokyo ,Japan 
 Atsugi Naval Air Facility (NJA)(Located 25.25 Km)
Atsugi Naval Air Facility (NJA) Minami-rinkan ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
 Yokosuka Heliport(Located 25.83 Km)
Yokosuka Heliport Yokosuka ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
 Kastner Army Air Field(Located 29.22 Km)
Kastner Army Air Field Zama ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan 
 Sagami Depot Heliport(Located 30.89 Km)
Sagami Depot Heliport Sagamihara ,Other Cities in Kanagawa ,Kanagawa ,Japan