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Kobe Airport (UKB) Kobe ,Other Cities in Hyōgo ,Hyōgo ,Japan 
Kobe Airports With its 1528478 inhabitants, Kobe it is the ideal destination for those who wish to take a vacation in a quiet plan. You just have to choose the time of year when you'll travel there, and after investigating where the airport where you're going to land, there is nothing more to do than to enjoy at maximum.

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Kobe Airport (UKB) Kobe ,Other Cities in Hyōgo ,Hyōgo ,Japan 

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 Osaka International Airport (ITM)(Located 25.51 Km)
Osaka International Airport (ITM) Toyonaka ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
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Kansai International Airport (KIX) Kaizuka ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
 Yao Airport(Located 39.79 Km)
Yao Airport Kashihara ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
 Tokushima Airport (TKS)(Located 81.43 Km)
Tokushima Airport (TKS) Naruto ,Tokushima ,Tokushima ,Japan 
 Tajima Airport (TJH)(Located 98.06 Km)
Tajima Airport (TJH) Toyooka ,Other Cities in Hyōgo ,Hyōgo ,Japan 
 Kohnan Airport(Located 114.74 Km)
Kohnan Airport Okayama ,Okayama ,Okayama ,Japan 
 Nanki Shirahama Airport (SHM)(Located 115.48 Km)
Nanki Shirahama Airport (SHM) Tanabe ,Wakayama ,Wakayama ,Japan 
 Takamatsu Airport (TAK)(Located 119.27 Km)
Takamatsu Airport (TAK) Takamatsu ,Kagawa ,Kagawa ,Japan 
 Okayama Airport (OKJ)(Located 121.42 Km)
Okayama Airport (OKJ) Okayama ,Okayama ,Okayama ,Japan 
 Tottori Airport (TTJ)(Located 131.12 Km)
Tottori Airport (TTJ) Tottori ,Tottori ,Tottori ,Japan