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List of Airports next to Kyoto

 Osaka International Airport (ITM)(Located 38.88 Km)
Osaka International Airport (ITM) Toyonaka ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
 Yao Airport(Located 49.13 Km)
Yao Airport Kashihara ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
 Kobe Airport (UKB)(Located 64.74 Km)
Kobe Airport (UKB) Kobe ,Other Cities in Hyōgo ,Hyōgo ,Japan 
 Kansai International Airport (KIX)(Located 80.70 Km)
Kansai International Airport (KIX) Kaizuka ,Other Cities in Ōsaka ,Ōsaka ,Japan 
Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) Tokoname ,Other Cities in Aichi ,Aichi ,Japan 
 Akeno Airport(Located 99.74 Km)
Akeno Airport Ise ,Other Cities in Mie ,Mie ,Japan 
 Tajima Airport (TJH)(Located 103.27 Km)
Tajima Airport (TJH) Toyooka ,Other Cities in Hyōgo ,Hyōgo ,Japan 
 Nagoya Airport (NKM)(Located 109.39 Km)
Nagoya Airport (NKM) Komaki ,Other Cities in Aichi ,Aichi ,Japan 
 Gifu Airport (QGU)(Located 109.42 Km)
Gifu Airport (QGU) Kakamigahara ,Other Cities in Gifu ,Gifu ,Japan 
 Fukui Airport (FKJ)(Located 131.60 Km)
Fukui Airport (FKJ) Maruoka ,Fukui ,Fukui ,Japan