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Paliepiai Air Base Ariogala ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
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In this guide you can find all the location data of the main Lithuania Airports or near. We recommend you to look closely at the location on the map that you will find inside the tab of each airport in Lithuania or in your vicinity.

Are you traveling on vacation to Lithuania? Do you want to mix with their 3565000 and be one more there, live as your people live, eat as you eat there, do what everyone else does, and feel like you're part of this place? That's good! This is how you travel! You have to start with this energy, just get off the plane.

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Lithuania Airports by major city

Do you know how to get to the hotel where you'll stay in Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania? Of course, to know how to make this link from the airport to your hotel, you must first know where the airport is. See it Here and so plan every detail of your trip, so this way you guarantee at fullest not having bad experiences that can bring you moments of stress.
Kaunas, this charming town located in Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania, is the perfect destination to spend a good vacation and get off a bit of routine. Look here where your arrival airport is located, and then enjoy your well-deserved rest.
Come and meet Klaipėda, this beautiful city located in Klaipėdos Apskritis, Lithuania! Check here where the airports of this city are located. You also have the telephones of each airport in case you need to call in case you've any doubts.
If you're going to land soon in Šiauliai, this incredible city located in Šiaulių Apskritis, Lithuania, the best thing you can do, after inform yourself well where your airport is and the distance to the center of the city, is to plan what you'll do with your time so you don't waste a second without doing what you do best.
Panevėžys is an exciting city located in Panevėžio Apskritis, Lithuania. Look where your airport is located and plan how best to get from there to your hotel. And then you must organize your trip to the smallest detail, to take advantage of the time and don't miss any of the must-sees of this city.
Alytus, this city belonging to Alytaus Apskritis, in Lithuania, is the ideal place to make a getaway at any time of the year. Check here all the details of your airport, call if you've any doubts, and embark on this trip!.

Lithuania Airports by state

Vilniaus Apskritis
If you want to travel to Vilniaus Apskritis without paying much for your ticket, we advise you to always buy a round-trip flight. One-way flights usually cost almost the same as round-trip flights. Also find out which airports there are in Lithuania or near and compare the prices in your search engine.
Kauno Apskritis
Are you going to travel to Lithuania soon? Here you can find a list with all the airports of Kauno Apskritis, so you can know which one is best for you, check what can be a better price to travel and check if it's close to your holiday destination.
Klaipėdos Apskritis
If you are worried about the amount of money you spend on your trip to Lithuania, we recommend that before you buy your ticket you can see the price difference between buying a flight with the exact destination in Lithuania or nearby. See here airports in the area of Klaipėdos Apskritis and compare in your flight search engine.
Šiaulių Apskritis
To travel to Lithuania in an economical way, you've to look for the price difference that may exist depending on your final destination. Look here all the airports of Šiaulių Apskritis so you've know what airports are in this area and choose your final destination according to the price of the flight.
Panevėžio Apskritis
Do you want to know the exact location of this accommodation in Panevėžio Apskritis? Here we show you a list of all airports in this region. So you can choose where to pose according to the price. Then, to reach the center of Lithuania if this is your final destination, you can take a bus, train or subway.
Alytaus Apskritis
If you are one of those who likes to travel paying the minimum on your plane ticket, compare the different prices that are available to travel to Lithuania only by changing the destination where you'll land. See here all airports in Alytaus Apskritis.

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Top rated Lithuania Airports

Paliepiai Air Base Ariogala ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
Biržai Airport Biržai ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Lithuania 
Rudininkai Air Base Šalčininkai ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
Zarasai Airport Zarasai ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
Kedainiai Air Base Kėdainiai ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
Paluknys Airport Rūdiškės ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania 
Panevežys Istra Airport Panevėžys ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Lithuania 
Klaipeda Airport (KLJ) Klaipėda ,Klaipėdos Apskritis ,Klaipėdos Apskritis ,Lithuania 
Panevežys Airport Panevėžys ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Panevėžio Apskritis ,Lithuania 
Tervette Air Base Žagarė ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Lithuania ,Other Cities in Lithuania ,Lithuania