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Dwangwa Airport (DWA) Nkhotakota ,Nkhotakota District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
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Dwangwa Airport (DWA) Nkhotakota ,Nkhotakota District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
Nkhota Kota Airport Nkhotakota ,Nkhotakota District ,Central Region ,Malawi 

List of Airports next to Nkhotakota

 Ntchisi Airport(Located 68.24 Km)
Ntchisi Airport Ntchisi ,Ntchisi District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Kasungu Airport (KBQ)(Located 90.07 Km)
Kasungu Airport (KBQ) Kasungu ,Kasungu District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Salima Airport (LMB)(Located 97.12 Km)
Salima Airport (LMB) Salima ,Salima District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Likoma Island Airport (LIX)(Located 105.05 Km)
Likoma Island Airport (LIX) Chipyela ,Likoma District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Lilongwe International Airport (LLW)(Located 110.72 Km)
Lilongwe International Airport (LLW) Lilongwe ,Lilongwe District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Lifupa Airport(Located 124.76 Km)
Lifupa Airport Kasungu ,Kasungu District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Lilongwe Airport(Located 131.99 Km)
Lilongwe Airport Lilongwe ,Lilongwe District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Mzimba Airport(Located 137.39 Km)
Mzimba Airport Mzimba ,Mzimba District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Monkey Bay Airport (MYZ)(Located 144.97 Km)
Monkey Bay Airport (MYZ) Monkey Bay ,Mangochi District ,Southern Region ,Malawi 
 Mtakatata Airport(Located 145.46 Km)
Mtakatata Airport Chipoka ,Salima District ,Central Region ,Malawi