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Katumbi Airport Rumphi ,Rumphi District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
Rumphi Airports If you already know Rumphi, this place of 20727 inhabitants, you've already felt the good energy of its people, and this has made you want to return there, remember that after getting all the information on how to get there from the airport , the most important thing to do is plan your time to spend it on everything you love to do when you travel to a new place.

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Katumbi Airport Rumphi ,Rumphi District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 

List of Airports next to Rumphi

 Mzuzu Airport (ZZU)(Located 50.21 Km)
Mzuzu Airport (ZZU) Mzuzu ,Mzimba District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Chelinda Malawi Airport (CEH)(Located 52.42 Km)
Chelinda Malawi Airport (CEH) Livingstonia ,Rumphi District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Chilumba Prv Airport(Located 77.84 Km)
Chilumba Prv Airport Livingstonia ,Rumphi District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Mzimba Airport(Located 99.49 Km)
Mzimba Airport Mzimba ,Mzimba District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Karonga Airport (KGJ)(Located 118.33 Km)
Karonga Airport (KGJ) Karonga ,Karonga District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Likoma Island Airport (LIX)(Located 151.80 Km)
Likoma Island Airport (LIX) Chipyela ,Likoma District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Chitipa Airport(Located 160.00 Km)
Chitipa Airport Chitipa ,Chitipa District ,Northern Region ,Malawi 
 Dwangwa Airport (DWA)(Located 169.18 Km)
Dwangwa Airport (DWA) Nkhotakota ,Nkhotakota District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Nkhota Kota Airport(Located 215.45 Km)
Nkhota Kota Airport Nkhotakota ,Nkhotakota District ,Central Region ,Malawi 
 Kasungu Airport (KBQ)(Located 225.63 Km)
Kasungu Airport (KBQ) Kasungu ,Kasungu District ,Central Region ,Malawi