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Kudahuvadhoo Airports (City) In Kudahuvadhoo (City), as you must know, coexist about 1320 inhabitants. As is to be expected, it is the destination of millions of tourists each year. Plan well your stay to know all your sights and pass, do what you like also there: see plays, concerts, going out to discos at night, etc..

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List of Airports next to Kudahuvadhoo

 Villa Airport (VAM)(Located 89.05 Km)
Villa Airport (VAM) Mahibadhoo ,North Central Province ,North Central Province ,Maldives 
 Malé International Airport (MLE)(Located 182.98 Km)
Malé International Airport (MLE) Malé ,Maale ,Maale ,Maldives 
 Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM)(Located 242.64 Km)
Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM) Thinadhoo ,Upper South Province ,Upper South Province ,Maldives