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Almere It has 176432 inhabitants and may be the ideal place to take a good and well deserved vacation. After you know where the airport is where you'll land, we recommend that you look for a good guide on the internet about what are its attractions and that you take advantage of every minute of your stay.

List of Airports next to Almere

 Hilversum Airport(Located 20.32 Km)
Hilversum Airport Nieuw-Loosdrecht ,Wijdemeren ,North Holland ,Netherlands 
 Lelystad Airport (LEY)(Located 23.45 Km)
Lelystad Airport (LEY) Lelystad ,Gemeente Lelystad ,Flevoland ,Netherlands 
 Vu Medisch Centrum Heliport(Located 24.41 Km)
Vu Medisch Centrum Heliport Amstelveen ,Gemeente Amstelveen ,North Holland ,Netherlands 
 Soesterberg Air Base (UTC)(Located 27.31 Km)
Soesterberg Air Base (UTC) Zeist ,Gemeente Zeist ,Utrecht ,Netherlands 
 Amsterdam Heliport(Located 28.17 Km)
Amsterdam Heliport Zaandam ,Gemeente Zaanstad ,North Holland ,Netherlands 
 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)(Located 31.30 Km)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) Hoofddorp ,Gemeente Haarlemmermeer ,North Holland ,Netherlands 
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht Heliport Bunnik ,Gemeente Bunnik ,Utrecht ,Netherlands 
 Glider Field Biddinghuizen(Located 31.85 Km)
Glider Field Biddinghuizen Biddinghuizen ,Gemeente Dronten ,Flevoland ,Netherlands 
 Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis Heliport(Located 39.97 Km)
Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis Heliport Beverwijk ,Gemeente Beverwijk ,North Holland ,Netherlands 
Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen Garderen ,Gemeente Barneveld ,Gelderland ,Netherlands