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Lae Nadzab Airport (LAE) Lae ,Morobe ,Morobe ,Papua New Guinea 
Lae Airports Traveling is a pleasure, but traveling to Lae can be unforgettable. With its 76255 inhabitants, this place can be the ideal destination for a great vacation. After obtaining all the necessary information about the airport where you'll land, don't forget to design a perfect plan to take advantage of the time of your stay.

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Lae Nadzab Airport (LAE) Lae ,Morobe ,Morobe ,Papua New Guinea 

List of Airports next to Lae

 Bulolo Airport(Located 66.50 Km)
Bulolo Airport Bulolo ,Morobe ,Morobe ,Papua New Guinea 
 Finschhafen Airport (FIN)(Located 96.53 Km)
Finschhafen Airport (FIN) Finschhafen ,Morobe ,Morobe ,Papua New Guinea 
 Goroka Airport (GKA)(Located 189.60 Km)
Goroka Airport (GKA) Goroka ,Eastern Highlands ,Eastern Highlands ,Papua New Guinea 
 Kerema Airport (KMA)(Located 192.03 Km)
Kerema Airport (KMA) Kerema ,Gulf ,Gulf ,Papua New Guinea 
 Madang Airport (MAG)(Located 213.87 Km)
Madang Airport (MAG) Madang ,Madang ,Madang ,Papua New Guinea 
 Ihu Airport (IHU)(Located 218.30 Km)
Ihu Airport (IHU) Kerema ,Gulf ,Gulf ,Papua New Guinea 
 Chimbu Airport (CMU)(Located 235.35 Km)
Chimbu Airport (CMU) Kundiawa ,Chimbu ,Chimbu ,Papua New Guinea 
 Kokoda Airport (KKD)(Located 253.79 Km)
Kokoda Airport (KKD) Kokoda ,Northern Province ,Northern Province ,Papua New Guinea 
 Girua Airport (PNP)(Located 273.32 Km)
Girua Airport (PNP) Popondetta ,Northern Province ,Northern Province ,Papua New Guinea 
 Kandrian Airport (KDR)(Located 288.41 Km)
Kandrian Airport (KDR) Kandrian ,West New Britain ,West New Britain ,Papua New Guinea