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List of Airports next to Lima

 Santa Maria Airport (SMG)(Located 7.32 Km)
Santa Maria Airport (SMG) Independencia ,Lima ,Lima ,Peru 
Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) Callao ,Callao ,Callao ,Peru 
 Collique Airport(Located 13.20 Km)
Collique Airport Independencia ,Lima ,Lima ,Peru 
 Las Palmas Airport (LIM)(Located 13.43 Km)
Las Palmas Airport (LIM) San Isidro ,Lima ,Lima ,Peru 
 Ancón Airport(Located 32.19 Km)
Ancón Airport Santa Rosa ,Lima ,Lima ,Peru 
 Vicco Airport(Located 157.64 Km)
Vicco Airport Tinyahuarco ,Pasco ,Pasco ,Peru 
 Ricrán Airport(Located 163.98 Km)
Ricrán Airport Tinyahuarco ,Pasco ,Pasco ,Peru 
 Barranca Airport(Located 164.57 Km)
Barranca Airport Barranca ,Barranca ,Lima ,Peru 
 Francisco Carle Airport (JAU)(Located 171.39 Km)
Francisco Carle Airport (JAU) Sausa ,Jauja ,Junín ,Peru 
 Paramonga Airport(Located 176.15 Km)
Paramonga Airport Paramonga ,Barranca ,Lima ,Peru