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Malvinas Airport (VVN) Pangoa ,La Convención ,Cusco ,Peru 
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Pangoa It has 6638 inhabitants and may be the ideal place to take a good and well deserved vacation. After you know where the airport is where you'll land, we recommend that you look for a good guide on the internet about what are its attractions and that you take advantage of every minute of your stay.

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Malvinas Airport (VVN) Pangoa ,La Convención ,Cusco ,Peru 

List of Airports next to Pangoa

 Kiteni Airport(Located 59.27 Km)
Kiteni Airport Quillabamba ,La Convención ,Cusco ,Peru 
 Nuevo Mundo Airport(Located 65.71 Km)
Nuevo Mundo Airport Sepahua ,Atalaya ,Ucayali ,Peru 
 San Francisco Airport(Located 98.33 Km)
San Francisco Airport Pichari ,La Convención ,Cusco ,Peru 
 Luisiana Airport(Located 100.28 Km)
Luisiana Airport San Francisco ,La Mar ,Ayacucho ,Peru 
 Sepahua Airport(Located 108.32 Km)
Sepahua Airport Sepahua ,Atalaya ,Ucayali ,Peru 
 Machu Pichu Airport (MFT)(Located 120.56 Km)
Machu Pichu Airport (MFT) Santa Teresa ,La Convención ,Cusco ,Peru 
Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport (AYP) Ayacucho ,Huamanga ,Ayacucho ,Peru 
 Andahuaylas Airport (ANS)(Located 180.56 Km)
Andahuaylas Airport (ANS) San Jerónimo ,Andahuaylas ,Apurímac ,Peru 
 Puerto Ocopa Airport(Located 183.01 Km)
Puerto Ocopa Airport Puerto Ocopa ,Satipo ,Junín ,Peru 
 Manuel Prado Ugarteche Airport (CHM)(Located 188.67 Km)
Manuel Prado Ugarteche Airport (CHM) Mazamari ,Satipo ,Junín ,Peru