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N'Ziba Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
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N'Ziba Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Sidetra Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Mossendjo Airport (MSX) Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Kele Kibangou Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Leboulou Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Mandoro Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Marala Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
N'Zabi Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
Pemo Airport Mossendjo ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 

List of Airports next to Mossendjo

 Leganda Airport(Located 58.28 Km)
Leganda Airport Sibiti ,Lékoumou ,Lékoumou ,Congo 
 Bangamba Airport(Located 96.82 Km)
Bangamba Airport Sibiti ,Lékoumou ,Lékoumou ,Congo 
 Sibiti Airport (SIB)(Located 106.76 Km)
Sibiti Airport (SIB) Sibiti ,Lékoumou ,Lékoumou ,Congo 
 Loubomo Airport (DIS)(Located 139.64 Km)
Loubomo Airport (DIS) Dolisie ,Niari ,Niari ,Congo 
 Yokangassi Airport (NKY)(Located 153.58 Km)
Yokangassi Airport (NKY) Kayes ,Bouenza ,Bouenza ,Congo 
 Aubeville Airport(Located 171.37 Km)
Aubeville Airport Madingou ,Bouenza ,Bouenza ,Congo 
 Mouyondzi Airport (MUY)(Located 181.27 Km)
Mouyondzi Airport (MUY) Madingou ,Bouenza ,Bouenza ,Congo 
 Loutete Airport(Located 194.62 Km)
Loutete Airport Madingou ,Bouenza ,Bouenza ,Congo 
 Lague Airport (LCO)(Located 207.99 Km)
Lague Airport (LCO) Djambala ,Plateaux ,Plateaux ,Congo 
 Pointe Noire Airport (PNR)(Located 227.07 Km)
Pointe Noire Airport (PNR) Pointe-Noire ,Pointe-Noire ,Pointe-Noire ,Congo