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Málaga Airports (City) With its 568305 inhabitants, Málaga (City) it is the ideal destination for those who wish to take a vacation in a quiet plan. You just have to choose the time of year when you'll travel there, and after investigating where the airport where you're going to land, there is nothing more to do than to enjoy at maximum.

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List of Airports next to Málaga

 Málaga Airport (AGP)(Located 8.63 Km)
Málaga Airport (AGP) Alhaurín de la Torre ,Malaga ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 La Axarquía-Leoni Benabu Airport(Located 26.90 Km)
La Axarquía-Leoni Benabu Airport Benamocarra ,Malaga ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Jayena Airport(Located 57.01 Km)
Jayena Airport Jayena ,Granada ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Federico Garcia Lorca Airport (GRX)(Located 77.22 Km)
Federico Garcia Lorca Airport (GRX) Chauchina ,Granada ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Armilla Airport(Located 83.40 Km)
Armilla Airport Churriana de la Vega ,Granada ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Tomás Fernández Espada Airport(Located 110.52 Km)
Tomás Fernández Espada Airport Villamartín ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Algeciras Heliport (AEI)(Located 112.38 Km)
Algeciras Heliport (AEI) Algeciras ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Moron Air Base (OZP)(Located 117.51 Km)
Moron Air Base (OZP) Los Molares ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Ceuta Heliport (JCU)(Located 121.36 Km)
Ceuta Heliport (JCU) Ceuta ,Ceuta ,Ceuta ,Spain 
 Córdoba Airport (ODB)(Located 130.20 Km)
Córdoba Airport (ODB) Villarrubia ,Cordoba ,Andalusia ,Spain