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List of Airports next to Murcia

 Alcantarilla Airport(Located 9.64 Km)
Alcantarilla Airport Alcantarilla ,Murcia ,Murcia ,Spain 
 Los Martínez Del Puerto Airport(Located 21.09 Km)
Los Martínez Del Puerto Airport Fuente Álamo de Murcia ,Murcia ,Murcia ,Spain 
 Alhama De Murcia Airport(Located 30.45 Km)
Alhama De Murcia Airport Fuente Álamo de Murcia ,Murcia ,Murcia ,Spain 
 San Javier Airport (MJV)(Located 36.46 Km)
San Javier Airport (MJV) San Javier ,Murcia ,Murcia ,Spain 
 Alicante International Airport (ALC)(Located 59.74 Km)
Alicante International Airport (ALC) Alicante ,Alicante ,Valencia ,Spain 
 Muchamiel Airport(Located 76.16 Km)
Muchamiel Airport Mutxamel ,Alicante ,Valencia ,Spain 
 Ontur Airport(Located 77.95 Km)
Ontur Airport Ontur ,Albacete ,Castille-La Mancha ,Spain 
 Almansa Airport(Located 100.84 Km)
Almansa Airport Almansa ,Albacete ,Castille-La Mancha ,Spain 
 Albacete-Los Llanos Airport (ABC)(Located 124.36 Km)
Albacete-Los Llanos Airport (ABC) Albacete ,Albacete ,Castille-La Mancha ,Spain 
 Helicsa Heliport(Located 135.04 Km)
Helicsa Heliport Albacete ,Albacete ,Castille-La Mancha ,Spain