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Sevilla Airport (SVQ) Seville ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
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Sevilla Airport (SVQ) Seville ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 

List of Airports next to Seville

 Expo 92 Heliport(Located 3.58 Km)
Expo 92 Heliport Camas ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Tablada Airport(Located 4.81 Km)
Tablada Airport Gelves ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 La Juliana Airport(Located 19.10 Km)
La Juliana Airport Almensilla ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Moron Air Base (OZP)(Located 39.29 Km)
Moron Air Base (OZP) Los Molares ,Seville ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Trebujena Airfield(Located 59.90 Km)
Trebujena Airfield Trebujena ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Tomás Fernández Espada Airport(Located 63.68 Km)
Tomás Fernández Espada Airport Villamartín ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Jerez Airport (XRY)(Located 71.22 Km)
Jerez Airport (XRY) Jerez de la Frontera ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Palma Del Río Airport(Located 76.64 Km)
Palma Del Río Airport Palma del Río ,Cordoba ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Mafé - Gibraleón Airport (HEV)(Located 83.40 Km)
Mafé - Gibraleón Airport (HEV) Gibraleón ,Huelva ,Andalusia ,Spain 
 Rota Naval Station Airport(Located 88.30 Km)
Rota Naval Station Airport Rota ,Cadiz ,Andalusia ,Spain