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Geneina Airport (EGN) El Geneina ,Western Darfur State ,Western Darfur State ,Sudan 
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Geneina Airport (EGN) El Geneina ,Western Darfur State ,Western Darfur State ,Sudan 

List of Airports next to El geneina

 Zalingei Airport(Located 127.70 Km)
Zalingei Airport Zalinje ,Central Darfur State ,Central Darfur State ,Sudan 
 El Fasher Airport (ELF)(Located 311.16 Km)
El Fasher Airport (ELF) El Fasher ,Northern Darfur ,Northern Darfur ,Sudan 
 Nyala Airport (UYL)(Located 313.01 Km)
Nyala Airport (UYL) Nyala ,Southern Darfur ,Southern Darfur ,Sudan 
 En Nahud Airport (NUD)(Located 642.61 Km)
En Nahud Airport (NUD) An Nuhūd ,Northern Kordofan State ,Northern Kordofan State ,Sudan 
 Dilling Airport(Located 799.32 Km)
Dilling Airport Dilling ,Southern Kordofan ,Southern Kordofan ,Sudan 
 Kadugli Airport (KDX)(Located 827.85 Km)
Kadugli Airport (KDX) Kaduqli ,Southern Kordofan ,Southern Kordofan ,Sudan 
 El Obeid Airport (EBD)(Located 841.96 Km)
El Obeid Airport (EBD) Al-Ubayyid ,Northern Kordofan State ,Northern Kordofan State ,Sudan 
 El Debba Airport (EDB)(Located 1,041.47 Km)
El Debba Airport (EDB) Ad Dabbah ,Northern State ,Northern State ,Sudan 
 Dongola Airport (DOG)(Located 1,060.12 Km)
Dongola Airport (DOG) Dongola ,Northern State ,Northern State ,Sudan 
 Kosti Airport (KST)(Located 1,111.79 Km)
Kosti Airport (KST) Rabak ,White Nile State ,White Nile State ,Sudan