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Traveling is a pleasure, but traveling to Kosti can be unforgettable. With its 345068 inhabitants, this place can be the ideal destination for a great vacation. After obtaining all the necessary information about the airport where you'll land, don't forget to design a perfect plan to take advantage of the time of your stay.

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List of Airports next to Kosti

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 Kosti Airport (KST)(Located 7.84 Km)
Kosti Airport (KST) Rabak ,White Nile State ,White Nile State ,Sudan 
 Damazin Airport(Located 237.26 Km)
Damazin Airport Ad-Damazin ,Blue Nile State ,Blue Nile State ,Sudan 
 El Obeid Airport (EBD)(Located 262.84 Km)
El Obeid Airport (EBD) Al-Ubayyid ,Northern Kordofan State ,Northern Kordofan State ,Sudan 
 Khartoum International Airport (KRT)(Located 269.72 Km)
Khartoum International Airport (KRT) Khartoum ,Khartoum State ,Khartoum State ,Sudan 
 Wadi Seidna Air Base(Located 295.19 Km)
Wadi Seidna Air Base Omdurman ,Khartoum State ,Khartoum State ,Sudan 
 Azaza Airport (GSU)(Located 305.93 Km)
Azaza Airport (GSU) Al Qadarif ,Al Qadarif State ,Al Qadarif State ,Sudan 
 Dilling Airport(Located 349.25 Km)
Dilling Airport Dilling ,Southern Kordofan ,Southern Kordofan ,Sudan 
 Kadugli Airport (KDX)(Located 392.38 Km)
Kadugli Airport (KDX) Kaduqli ,Southern Kordofan ,Southern Kordofan ,Sudan 
 Shendi Airport(Located 401.36 Km)
Shendi Airport Shendi ,River Nile State ,River Nile State ,Sudan 
 Kassala Airport (KSL)(Located 465.39 Km)
Kassala Airport (KSL) Kassala ,Kassala State ,Kassala State ,Sudan