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Omdurman Airports recommended:
Wadi Seidna Air Base Omdurman ,Khartoum State ,Khartoum State ,Sudan 
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Wadi Seidna Air Base Omdurman ,Khartoum State ,Khartoum State ,Sudan 

List of Airports next to Omdurman

 Khartoum International Airport (KRT)(Located 10.12 Km)
Khartoum International Airport (KRT) Khartoum ,Khartoum State ,Khartoum State ,Sudan 
 Shendi Airport(Located 155.29 Km)
Shendi Airport Shendi ,River Nile State ,River Nile State ,Sudan 
 Kosti Airport (KST)(Located 274.72 Km)
Kosti Airport (KST) Rabak ,White Nile State ,White Nile State ,Sudan 
 Atbara Airport (ATB)(Located 284.33 Km)
Atbara Airport (ATB) Atbara ,River Nile State ,River Nile State ,Sudan 
 El Debba Airport (EDB)(Located 309.76 Km)
El Debba Airport (EDB) Ad Dabbah ,Northern State ,Northern State ,Sudan 
 Merowe (Merowe New)(Located 318.01 Km)
Merowe (Merowe New) Marawī ,Northern State ,Northern State ,Sudan 
 Merowe Airport (MWE)(Located 318.96 Km)
Merowe Airport (MWE) Marawī ,Northern State ,Northern State ,Sudan 
 Azaza Airport (GSU)(Located 347.86 Km)
Azaza Airport (GSU) Al Qadarif ,Al Qadarif State ,Al Qadarif State ,Sudan 
 El Obeid Airport (EBD)(Located 367.19 Km)
El Obeid Airport (EBD) Al-Ubayyid ,Northern Kordofan State ,Northern Kordofan State ,Sudan 
 Kassala Airport (KSL)(Located 413.04 Km)
Kassala Airport (KSL) Kassala ,Kassala State ,Kassala State ,Sudan